Virus Removal

We use industry leading malware removal technologies.  All of our technicians are CompTIA Security + certified offering our clients the safest most secure service repairing infected computers.

  Hardware Repair

A full system hardware check is the first thing we do when repairing any computer, to ensure that no other failing system is causing the symptom.  Once the initial hardware tests are run, we will work on the repair, whether it is replacing worn or damaged parts with new ones, or resolving software issues.

  Security Evaluation

Whether you are running an online store from home or the CTO of a corporation, having a full and comprehensive security evaluation of the environment is important and may required.  We not only look at your network from the outside but also can identify policies and procedures from within.

  Website Design and Hosting

We offer high availability hosting services with scalability and use the highest accepted levels of storage and data transfer encryption.